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Are you a 2000 leader or a 2023 leader?

Do leadership qualities change over time? I asked ChatGPT for 10 characteristics of a leader in the year 2000 vs the characteristics in 2023.

Here’s the answer.

Characteristics of a leader in 2000:

1. Command and control leadership style

2. Hierarchical organizational structure

3. Technical and speciali

zed expertise

4. Focus on maximizing efficiency and productivity

5. Emphasis on individual performance and outcomes

6. Directive communication style

7. Reliance on formal authority and power

8. Narrow focus on short-term goals

9. Top-down decision making

10. Limited collaboration and teamwork

Characteristics of a leader in 2023:

1. Transformational leadership style

2. Flat and flexible organizational structure

3. Strong interpersonal skills

4. Emphasis on creativity and innovation

5. Focus on team performance and outcomes

6. Collaborative communication style

7. Reliance on social and emotional intelligence

8. Long-term vision and strategic planning

9. Bottom-up decision making

10. High degree of collaboration and teamwork.

Even for generative AI, the comparison seems a bit exaggerated for effect, but you catch the drift. If you are role-modelling after successful leaders and mentors who made it to the top, this is time for review and reflection. #power Do you know if you are coming across as a 2000 leader or a 2023 leader?

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