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Begin with the customer in mind for functional alignment

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Many digital transformation projects fail and reasons cited include management misalignment, over-simplification of the change processes and misreading of digital capabilities.

Taking a step back, I reminded myself that digital transformation is not just about introducing automation, increasing technology adoption, or deploying cloud technology for one department or a few functions in a company. It is about a company’s effort to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the digital era against a backdrop of exponential changes in technology and trends impacting the entire operating landscape.

Companies need to identify initiatives that provide a unifying objective for the whole company to ensure alignment and support by all functions, and focusing on improving the customer experience to create happier and more loyal customers provides the universal business purpose everyone in the company can aspire to. Addressing the customer journey first during digital transformation provides highly visible results that can serve to break down silos, instil the right mindset with individuals and help people focus on what is important.

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