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Insight-based service innovations to increase customer affinity

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Service innovation in the digital era can take many forms. At the most basic level, it could result in a transformation of processes to make a company’s existing service offerings more responsive and timely for the target customer; on another level, it could mean novel service offerings made possible by new insight into existing customer needs and wants; and for others, it can provide a platform to bring about wholesale transformation of organizations with new business models that cater to new customers and new needs.

A common thread linking these use cases is the enhanced capability through digital tools and processes to harness the power of data to produce insight that create better service solutions and higher customer satisfaction.

To support service innovations, more needs to be done with customer data to ensure the right insight for the right job. Customers do not care about the technology or the processes; they care about how they are treated, and how they are valued as individuals. Service innovation in the digital era requires users to have the end in mind in order to design and manage the right technological solutions that can help them create more personalization and relevance for the customer.

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