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The New Reality

As a panelist on a travel industry webinar, I was asked to describe what I see as the new norm. My response was that there is not going to be a new norm for a long time. Norm implies predictability and things are going to be uncertain for a while to come. If your past successes have been based on reducing uncertainty by managing people and processes, you may want to refocus on increasing flexibility and agility to be more resilient to further changes and more uncertainty in the future.

So what can we do? We need to stay agile and anticipatory. Invest in gaining competencies that can help us be more agile. Organize information, systematize processes, embed procedures in day-to-day operations that support data and analytics. Do environmental scanning and pay attention to the signals. Remember to bring your team members along the journey and look for inspiration both inside and outside the company. Don't forget that you are not alone and there is wisdom in the crowd.

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